Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poki and Mochi like to play RUFF!

Heidi aka Poki's mom here.

I wanted to share a few photos of Poki (my Tibetan Spaniel) and her park pal Mochi playing on the table...fun stuff!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Grey Muzzle Organization

Nellie Nellie was one of the inspirations for The Grey Muzzle Organization. This small Whippet mix of about 10 years was left by her family at a shelter, and was so terrified that she refused to eat. The concerned shelter staff contacted Old Dog Haven. She was rescued by Grey Muzzle founder Julie Nowicki and cared for by her as part of the Old Dog Haven lifelong hospice program. Nellie was a delightful little dog, who leaped with joy when she saw Julie put on her cap and knew it was time for a walk. She was a constant tail wagger and big stuffy lover (although they didn’t last long).
This sweet dog was greatly loved in her foster home. Unfortunately, it turned out that she had a very serious form of kidney disease. She died well loved after several months in her new home.
We remember Nellie with many smiles and wish we had more time with her, but we’re grateful that she ended her life in a safe and happy place, not alone in a cement pen.
A goal of The Grey Muzzle Organization is to help shelters, such as the one that took Nellie in, give senior dogs a second chance to know they are loved.