Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rally is Tonight!! Here is agenda...

Below is a loose agenda for the SOS Rally tonight. Please attend with friends, family and quadrupeds!
AGENDA (all times are approximations of how long speakers will talk plus added time for applause and cheers and the talk subjects are just suggestions)
5:30 Gathering together, casual welcome, handing out of informational flyers begins and dispersal to passersby and fanning out of some people in a one block radius handing out info
5:35 Welcome and thank you for coming out to Save our Shelter
5:36-5:55PM Speakers Nancy Biachi :What brings us here tonight, Tom Hyland: Where we are now where we hope to go
5:55-6PM The Pearce Family: How volunteering enriches family life and community
6PM Studio 10 Tap dancers "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT"
6:05-630 PM Janet Davis: The important role of shelters to a local community, Christina Nunes: volunteering what it means to the animals, Cindy Shelby: What can you do to get involved, Harry Hartman: Tying loose ends, wrapping things up
6:30 Thank you for coming and reminders to provide contact info etc
This allows for overtime but the dance troupe must perform at 6 so pre dance speakers need to keep that in mind and additional speakers may be added. If you have someone in mind let me know. We should plan to be fully wrapped up by no later than 6:45 so people have time to refresh and get to the board meeting if they plan to go.

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